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Windshield Replacement at Fernandez Auto Glass and Repair

Damaged windshields can usually be fixed.  There are cases, however, in which the damage is so severe that windshield replacement becomes the only option.  This can happen if the windshield is completely shattered, or when the damage prevents visibility.

Windshield installation is best done by professional mechanics.  Because the windshield is both very heavy and relatively delicate, you take a big risk in trying to do it on your own.

Whether you just need to fix a cracked windshield, or to replace it entirely, a reliable auto body shop should be able to help.  They should also be able to offer other services, like tune-ups or oil changes, so you can fix other issues in your car.

We offer the best windshield repairs for the residents of Chicago, IL.  Look us up at Fernandez Auto and Glass Repair for more information as to our services.