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By being made of glass and placed out in front, it’s not surprising that the windshield suffers more obvious wear and tear than any other part of the car.  This is why it may be a good idea to look for professional windshield repair services.

Good visibility is a must-have for any driver.  In some places, you can even be ticketed if your windshield is in bad enough shape to prevent visibility.  It’s important to for your car to get regular auto glass repair.

A collision with another vehicle, or even just debris, can give you a cracked windshield.  If the crack is not too severe, you can get it fixed.  

If you have a completely broken windshield, you’ll need to have it fixed immediately.  It’s very dangerous to drive a car that’s in this condition.  If you do, you will risk severe injury in event of a collision.  

In these situations, a full windshield replacement is probably in order.  With the right mechanics on the job, this can be accomplished quickly and without much fuss.

If you need a new windshield, mirrors, or just some repairs for window regulators and steering mechanisms, Fernandez Auto Glass and Repair can help you.  Contact us today to learn more!